Our rules

All Clubs expressed their support of the concept of the League:

“The emphasis of the league is to provide the ordinary club member with the opportunity to participate in a series of multi-terrain events. The atmosphere is to be enjoyable and social without the outright 'cut and thrust' associated with specialist cross-country leagues"

The guideline for speed is 5:30 minute mile pace for men and 6:00 minute mile pace for women. This translates to:

5 miles 27:30 men 30:00 women
10 Km 34:11 men 37:17 women
10 miles 55:00 men 60:00 women

Any runner who achieves this pace over a measured distance 5 miles or over during the 12 months prior to the first race is ineligible.

In the last resort any runner who can be proved to have equalled or bettered this pace should be notified to the race organiser who will amend the race results as though that runner is disqualified. The race organiser will inform both the club concerned and the Divisional Co-ordinator of the revised result. [Comment: The implication of this rule is that the next scoring runner will count.]

It was the wish of the meeting that all Clubs would ensure that their members were fully aware of these speed guidelines and Club Representatives would do their utmost to ensure no violations. If this is done then the race atmosphere should be as enjoyable and social as intended.

A team to comprise both the first 4 scoring men and women.

If a gender has at least one member, the missing members will be given a score 1 greater than the last finisher in the gender race. [Comment: The implication of this rule is that every gender team with at least one runner will achieve a score for the overall race.]

An incomplete gender team with more runners than another incomplete gender team will be ranked higher regardless of score. [Comment: The meeting considered that this rule would provide an incentive to Clubs unable to field complete teams to enter more runners.]

The men and women will be scored separately and the overall result determined by summing the resultant placing, e.g. Men finish 2nd and women finish 4th results in 2+4 = 6 points. The aim is that the men and women will have equal weighting in the calculation of the overall result. In the event of a tie in the men’s or women’s race ‘count-back’ will be used to resolve the tie. (The position of the final scoring runner will decide the team position).

A full team to win over an incomplete team (men, women and overall). In the event of a tie in the end of series positions then aggregate score will be taken into account to resolve the tie. [Comment: The implication of this rule is that points alone will not determine the overall result.]

Young runners may participate subject to the rules of UK Athletics regarding maximum distance permissible. Due regard needs to be taken of the requirements of the Insurance in place and of the Race Permit. Individual Clubs are responsible for their own young runners.

Only runners eligible for teams are allowed to run in the race, i.e. no guest runners and no members running as individuals.

All runners must wear their Club's strip.

The race is to start at 1100.

The poorest overall result of each Club would not count in the calculation for the end of series overall result.

The preference is for events of around 8k over a multi-terrain course. Host Clubs should attempt to meet this guideline if possible.

Host Clubs may wish to record the times of the 1st 10 finishers and of the leading women for inclusion in the results reported to the media.

Host Clubs may wish to display a distance to go notice towards the end of the course.

Runners are prohibited from running with dogs or with portable music players for reasons of safety.